Executive Committee

Tim Knotnerus

Tim is CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Agomab Therapeutics, a Belgian biotech company focusing on growth factor biology and developing therapeutics for fibrotic indications. Together with the team, he has raised $240 million and developed a broad pipeline since joining Agomab in 2019. Prior to Agomab, Tim held the position of

Philippe Wiesel

Philippe joined Agomab as CMO in 2021. He was previously the CMO at Genkyotex where he led the company’s clinical development activities for the treatment of several fibrotic disorders in the liver, lung, and kidney. Prior to this role, Philippe co-founded Genexion, which was focused on developing early-stage clinical assets in partnership with emerging biotech

Torsten Dreier

Torsten is the CDO at Agomab and brings an extensive expertise in developing antibodies and antibody-based drugs with more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a successful track record of progressing 10 antibody products from preclinical research to clinical development, including two (Blincyto and Cablivi) that obtained marketing authorization. Prior to joining

Paolo Michieli

Paolo is a growth factor expert and the CSO of Agomab. He spent several years conducting research at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, in the laboratory that discovered that MET is the HGF receptor in the early 1990s. Since he returned to Italy, he has been directing a translational

Tolga Hassan

Tolga joined Agomab as CFO in 2021 and brings over 25 years of strategic financial management and corporate structuring experience. He previously held board level roles as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at F-star Therapeutics where he was directly involved in a number of licensing and option-to-buy transactions with companies such as Merck,

Paul van der Horst

Paul joined Agomab in 2021 as Chief Business Officer. Prior to Agomab, he was Head of Corporate Development at Galapagos from 2016-2021. In this role, he led all major transactions, investments, licensing and M&A activities for the company. Most notably, he was a key negotiator for Galapagos’ transformative $5bn strategic collaboration with Gilead Sciences. From

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