Our Pipeline

Agomab is leveraging new scientific insights and established drug development expertise to harness the disease modifying potential of growth factor modulating therapeutics

Fibrotic processes are the underlying factors in a variety of difficult-to-treat diseases, resulting in progressive organ failure. Severe organ failure can also be triggered by acute tissue injury. Agomab aims to resolve these processes through its broad pipeline of antibody and small molecule compounds designed for their unique and novel mode of actions against well-validated and potentially disease modifying targets, ultimately leading to repair of tissue injury, resolution of fibrosis and restoration of organ function.


Our lead candidate, AGMB-129, is a gastrointestinal tract-restricted, oral small molecule ALK-5 inhibitor and is currently being evaluated in a Phase I clinical study.


AGMB-447 is a lung-restricted, inhaled small molecule ALK-5 inhibitor and is currently undergoing IND-enabling studies.


AGMB-101 is a full MET agonist and is currently undergoing IND-enabling studies.


AGMB-102 is a partial MET agonist currently in discovery.

“Our pipeline will continue to grow with the addition of both novel antibody and small molecule drug candidates that we are designing with the goal of bringing a range of truly disease-modifying treatments to patients in need.”


Philippe Wiesel, Chief Medical Officer