AGMB-101 & AGMB-102

AGMB-101 & AGMB 102

AGMB-101 and AGMB-102 are Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)-mimetic antibodies that act through agonism of the MET receptor. The HGF/MET pathway is a critical modulator of the proliferation, survival, motility, and differentiation of cells and has a strong regenerative effect. Preclinical studies have clearly demonstrated its beneficial potential in a range of inflammatory and fibrotic disorders. The program has been developed using the validated SIMPLE Antibody™ platform from argenx. AGMB-101 is a full cMET receptor agonist, while AGMB-102 is a partial cMET agonist. As HGF’s regenerative capacity is tissue-agnostic, AGMB-101 and AGMB-102 can be positioned towards multiple inflammatory and fibrotic indications. AGMB-101 is currently in IND-enabling studies, whereas AGMB-102 is in discovery.

“Our pipeline will continue to grow with the addition of both novel antibody and small molecule drug candidates that we are designing with the goal of bringing a range of truly disease-modifying treatments to patients in need.”


Philippe Wiesel, Chief Medical Officer